Monday, June 21, 2010

Too much of a good thing for these 45 year old bones

Just got home last night from a fast--if you can call 16 hours of round-trip driving fast--visit to see family in Utah. The purpose of the trip, initially, was to attend my nephew Steven's missionary farewell on Sunday. He will be leaving on June 23rd to begin an LDS mission in Paraguay. Since I won't be able to see him for the two years he will serve, I felt it was important to be there to not only wish him well but to hug the stuffing out of him. I am so proud of the decision he made and although his mission will not be easy, he will grow and become an amazing young man in the process.

An added bonus to the trip was to be able to spend my birthday, Saturday, with all my extended family. My parents (who by the way, celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary this weekend as well--woot woot!) came down from Idaho to be a part of the festivities. Anymore, I don't often get to celebrate my birthday with my twin sister, Terri, so being together to celebrate our middle-age-dom was awesome. It's funny how as a kid I sometimes wished I didn't have to share my birthday--getting presents (from well meaning gift-givers) to "share with your sister" I found to be extremely annoying. But now I love having a day to share with my sis. We didn't do anything spectacular (unless you can count shopping at Wal-Mart as an amazing experience) but it was just nice spending the day together.

With Father's Day landing on this weekend, I was able to be with my dad too. I'm sure just getting to see his Colorado daughter was such a treat that any gift I could have thought to purchase for him would have paled in comparison. So I'm glad I didn't even try :) I love you Dad.

I didn't get to see much of Rheid's family this trip except for staying at the Schloss Hotel in Heber. It's totally impossible to see everyone in basically a day and a half so we will have to "Schloss it" on our next Utah extravaganza.

All I know is these old bones are tired. This morning I woke up early twice and was able to convince myself both times that since there was absolutely nothing on my calendar, it made no sense to get up. So with my bladder sending up a white flag of surrender, I finally drug myself out of bed about 10:00. After doing breathing treatments for the required hour and a half and eating breakfast, I decided the couch was looking rather inviting. Yep, you guessed it, I sacked out there until just after 3 o'clock this afternoon. To my credit, once I decided it was time to stay vertical and conscious, I did manage to accomplish a few important things and even get dinner on the table before Rheid came home from work.

I think there is something to be said for getting too much of a good thing. So I have decided to put away my traveling shoes and bask in my normal routine for awhile--I am officially grounding myself.

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