Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sherri and Rheid's Most Excellent Washington DC Adventure Day 4

Day 4: June 7, Monday

Today we took the metro then transferred to the bus (just call us city slickers) out to Mount Vernon. It was totally awesome. Can I just say sometimes I feel jipped by my public education??!!! There was so much about Washington I had never heard before. He was such an amazing man. The more I learned the more convinced I became that God had a plan for this country and George Washington was the man to fulfill it. In a position at the end of his military career to use his influence and power in any way he wanted to, he chose to give his power back to the people. There were military leaders who thought this fledgling country needed a king in order to survive but Washington stayed true to the democratic principles he believed in. George Washington is a true hero.

After touring Washington's home and part of the grounds, we decided to have lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant. We ordered two of their well-known dishes: peanut soup with chestnuts and bread pudding. Eating in the colonial-style inn was a real treat.

After lunch we toured the museum and then saw the burial places of George and Martha and the burying grounds of the slaves who worked at Mount Vernon. I wimped out on the last hill of the day and took the shuttle to the top which turned out to be a good thing. As we rounded a corner we saw two humongous wild turkeys out in the field. The driver said he occasionally sees them come out of the forest this time of night…sometimes it pays to suck up the pride and ride.

After a full day we decided to do one more thing…go to the Capital steps to listen to a free military band concert. Turns out tonight was the Navy's turn and they were terrific. There is nothing like listening to rousing patriotic music as the sky darkens and the monuments on the mall light up the night sky. At the conclusion of the hour-long concert, Rheid and I stood as the Army anthem was played--in honor of my cousin, Aaron Jackson, who is currently serving his 4th tour in the Middle East. The music gave me chills and my socks would have rolled up and down had I been wearing any! GREAT DAY.

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  1. Hey Sherri, I love reading your blog. You are great at making the reader feel like we are there with you. I'm glad you are having a great time in Washington. Sending some Love from a fellow Cyster.......