Sunday, August 4, 2013

Duke on the two month plan...

It's hard to believe that 2/3rds of the summer is over--July whizzed by.  Rheid and I flew out to Durham for my second check-up at Duke from the 24th-26th.  Our trip got off to a rocky start thanks to an overzealous airline employee. We got an oxygen Nazi at the gate who had an issue with my outdated Dr note.  I used the same one two months ago and no one had a problem with who knew?  I had even shown it curbside at the Southwest counter, then a second time at the gate counter, and then when asked for it the third time this bozo at the gate gets all "you have to follow the rules" huffy and says we will not be able to get on this flight.  We had been there for over an hour waiting and could have taken care of the issue way earlier if we'd have known.  He was a pill head (excuse my language).  Anyway when he said we would have to wait for the next flight (which was tomorrow) that's when I began to work myself up --  can you tell??!!  We had a couple of people come up to us after the flight and say they were so glad we were able to get on.  The guy caused a mini scene about it.  I told the supervisor who he called over that I had no problem following the rules if they would consistently follow their own policy then I would have known two years ago that this paper was no longer valid.

Dr. Gray
At Duke I met with a new pulmonary doctor, Dr. Gray.  After seeing my dip in pft's  (30% last time and now 25%) and learning what had gone on with my embolizations, she felt it was time to move forward with transplant.  I wasn't terribly shocked to hear it but I still wasn't sure about the timing.  I had been praying that the doctor and the team would be inspired to know the best course of action for me so I accepted her decision.  The transplant team met the following Tuesday and my coordinator called to let me know that the team decided to wait and see how the next two months go instead. That decision felt okay too.  It's a hassle and a huge expense to go every 8 weeks but I want to do what's best for my future transplant success.  While there I also updated my barium swallow test and saw Dr. Wolf, the infectious disease specialist, as well.

Christina, who is stationed 3 1/2 hours away in Norfolk, drove over to visit us this trip.  We took her and Sam, her partner, out to dinner and played some mini-golf.  We enjoyed spending time with them.

Also this month I attended my first MLS game:  Colorado Rapids vs New England Revolution.  Josh invited us to go with him and it was a blast.  He is turning his old parents into soccer football fans slowly but surely.
Boys at the game--grateful the sun went behind the stadium.
It was the perfect night for a game.

Learning all the soccer football etiquette--like standing up for corner kicks. 

We also celebrated Josh's 27th birthday this month. It's hard to admit that your baby is 27 when you are only slightly older than that yourself!

Staring down his little cousin, Max, who wants
to blow out all of Josh's candles

Here's hoping for some healthy days ahead so I can continue on the two month plan.  It's a plan I can live with.