Friday, January 4, 2013

The mostly wonderful time of the year...

December didn't quite go as planned.  Ended up spending 4 days in the hospital trying to get my stomach and the drugs to play along well together. Tests, a limited diet, and new tummy meds were on the agenda.  We never figured out exactly what it was, either gastritis, gallstones, or an ulcer.  All I know was I felt truly thankful when things calmed down and I could return home.  As the three weeks of IV's slid into a fourth week due to a very resistant bug, I found myself two days before Christmas with very little purchased.  I kept telling myself I'd take my IV's on the road and do some shopping tomorrow but I just never felt up to it when the next day rolled around.  I've never been so woefully unprepared for the holidays.  But somehow it all came together and Christmas Eve I wrapped my newly purchased bounty and ran my final IV.  I counted and since I ran ten infusions a day, my final one became #300.  Crazy!  No wonder it felt like I didn't accomplish much the entire month.

In the Navy now!
It's really happening...
On 12-12-12 Christina enlisted in the Navy!  We drove down to Denver to see her sworn in.  We hustled to get there by 8:30 a.m. (didn't want to miss it) and the ceremony finally started at nearly 11:45.  So far I have learned the Navy is a hurry-up-and-wait proposition.  About 30 others were sworn in alongside Christina.  When she raised her had to take the oath, I had goosebumps going up my neck.  I am so proud of her decision!  The navy mailed back her "civilian" clothes and backpack--she only gets what the Navy has provided her.  We have received two letters so far and she sounds great.  It hasn't been easy but her spirits are good.

We survived the Mayan calendar scare on the 21st completely unscathed.  Most disappointing apocalypse ever!

Santa brings a Nuggets jersey.
Next came a white, relaxing Christmas--only the three of us since Christina was away at bootcamp.  We didn't open presents till after 8:00 a.m.  Rheid and I crept upstairs and knocked on Josh's door telling him we couldn't sleep and could we pleeeeeze get up now and see what Santa brought!  Usually that was his modus operandi at o'dark thirty...and that is after we nearly had to drug him so he could fall asleep. I made out like a bandit with electronic gadgets while Rheid scored with new suits.  Santa brought Josh an IOU for a rifle (thanks to the horrible school shooting and Pres. Obama's posturing) the gun lines were 30+ deep and background checks were taking up to 5 days instead of a couple hours) and some outdoor gear.

Christmas Eve nativity puppet show with the Larson's.

Since it has barely snowed all winter, it only makes sense it would start up just as we needed to hit the road.  On our departure day,Wednesday the 26th, I checked my new computer and Wyoming was a solid mass of yellow and orange warnings.  This is when I began to work myself up!  A life-threatening drive on icy roads with blowing snow is not my idea of a good time.  The problem:  the next day was projected to be even worse.  With my nephew Steve's wedding on Friday, we had to make our escape using the much longer and still snowy Colorado route over Vail Pass.  When we got about sixty miles out of Spanish Fork, Utah, the roads were so bad (not a snowplow in sight, thank you UDOT) I started chanting to myself, "I love Steven.  I love Steven.  I really love Steven!"  Then when we found out the roads would be an issue all the way to our Heber City destination, we exercised caution and checked into a hotel room in SF instead.  Our nerves were shot and the thought of driving yet another icy canyon made me want to curl up in a fetal position.

Thursday morning I found out I had not only entered Utah but Dante's Inferno of Germs as well--somehow I must of missed the sign. Numerous family members were in various stages of mucus misery.  Great!  I tried to stay away from the worst offenders as much as possible.  I washed my hands frequently.  I prayed.  Both of my parents, Rheid's dad, two nephews, three nieces, and a brother-in-law all came down with this nasty cold.  And by New Year's Day when we headed home, I could add Rheid to the list of the afflicted.  (He's been in bed all day and I quarantined myself on the couch last night.)  But despite it all, it was wonderful to be able to: spend time with family; see Steven and his beautiful bride, Tiffanie, get married in the Salt Lake Temple; watch the newly-released Les Mis with our virus-segregated family group of 13 (fabulous movie); attend the baptism of a nephew's darling little girl which allowed me to see family members I haven't seen in 13 years; and celebrate the beginning of 2013!

Newlyweds finally emerge from the temple!
Frozen cousins are happy cousins.
So grateful to be a part of this magical day.

Late night in Heber City with Rheid's parents.
First smooch of 2013--Happy New Year!