Monday, February 17, 2014

On a winning track...

Here I sit on a Monday afternoon at the Denver Bed and Breakfast watching the Men's Aerials and wondering with all the wild genes I've inherited, why I didn't get at least some "wild" in my DNA structure.

These winter Olympians are fearless!  Due to my adrenaline-phobic self, I've determined my only shot at glory, should I be so inclined, would involve stones sliding down an alley of ice with me wielding a Swiffer and sweeping like a possessed housekeeper. And honestly, I've watched about a combined hour of curling and I still can't figure out what the point strategy is.

But one thing is for certain, being able to watch these Sochi games has helped pass the time during my latest hospital admission.  I came in on the 4th following three straight nights of hemoptysis and shortness of breath.  Waiting another week to make it to my Duke appointment became too much for me to deal with.  I felt like if I made if successfully to Durham, I wasn't sure if I would have to be admitted there.  What a mess that would be.

Coming in turned out to be a good decision.  My pft's were a non-stellar 22% and an x-ray revealed an area of pneumonia in my left lung.  No wonder I was feeling so crummy.  But now after two weeks on colistin, linezolid, merropenem, and ceftaz, life is feeling much better.  We rescheduled Duke for March 10th and will see what happens there.  And I hope to be home watching the closing ceremonies from the comfort of my couch.  Sounds like a winner to me.

Editorial note:  Although the Super Bowl turned out to be a super bust, I still love my Broncos and my Peyton shirt with its damaged mojo is washed and ready for next year.  We will live to win again.