Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It happened at Kohl's...

The word of the day: disturbing. Thanks to Kohl's liberal return policy, I left my duty as nurse to take back a set of sheets Rheid purchased there on Saturday. My crazy, flailing, night legs wore clear through our old ones. (Can you say sleep study?) Not liking the feeling of "new," Rheid sent them through the wash and then put them on the bed. They looked beautiful but that's about the only thing you could say positive about them. Irritating and flesh-crawly are much more accurate adjectives to describe these sheets. Who knew sheets could be so obnoxious? After two less than stellar nights, off they came.

Unsuccessfully trying to reinsert said sheets back into their original packaging, I finally gave up the impossible task, shoved the whole mess into a Sunflower Market bag and called it good. Time to assert my consumer rights.

After hearing my tale of woe, the customer service gal gladly refunded my money. Woot woot for Kohl's! So off to the sheet section I went, ready to purchase 2,000 thread count sheets if that's what it took to put my bed and I back into a harmonious relationship. Searching and pondering, I finally found a set that should do nicely and headed for the checkouts. *Insert foreboding music here*

Cheerfully placing my newly acquired sheets on the checkout counter, I made small talk while she rang up my purchase. As I went for my debit card, I heard these disturbing words, "You don't happen to be over 55?" What??!! (Don't get me wrong but I don't have a lot of patience with people who go into a deep funk about growing older or complain about another birthday. Come on people--get a perspective here! Would you prefer the alternative???)

Gathering up my crumbling dignity, I nicely answered, "No, but some days I feel like it." I know she didn't mean to be unkind. Good thing I had put on make-up and my hair was done or maybe she wouldn't have even asked politely. Then I would have had to explain the situation and watch while the 20% discount was reapplied to the total. Stupid Oxygen!

Note to self: Avoid shopping at Kohl's on Senior Citizen Wednesdays--at least for the next ten years.

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  1. Sherri - There as some Kirtland sheets at Costco that are to slumber on!
    And no - you are not the only one with thrashing legs and rip bottom sheets...
    my better half shares that same passion.