Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Evaluation Day 3...

This morning couldn't come fast enough as far as my throat was concerned.  Arrived at the hospital by 8:30 so the probe was able to be pulled before my first appointment.  The catheter is history but I no longer have any hair on my right cheek and sport a raspberry mark on my neck from the amazingly strong tape. Good riddance!

For the second morning in a row, I fasted for tests.  The first being a liver ultrasound.  Most definitely my favorite test so far.  I got to relax on the table while ultrasound jelly was smeared around my lower right ribs and belly.

Next it was over to radiology for a Fluoroscopy of my diaphram.   This test wasn't too bad either.  The machine had a place where you stood and then pictures were taken while I performed different types of breaths.  The machine swirled around and tilted in cool ways.

This is where the fun ended.  Abruptly.  (cue creepy music here)   The next scheduled test was a Barium Swallow Study.  Another note to self:  periodic table elements that you memorized in high school chemistry can be consumed, but that doesn't mean they will be appetizing.  I have never drank a beverage that was so close to being a solid before.  It was only 4 oz. in a 6 oz. cup but honestly, you could use that cup as a weight.  Heavy stuff.  I managed to do the first few gulps of the "thick" barium but then came part two:  the fizzy powder.  What can I say other than I was a dry-fizzy-powder-swallower failure.  My already offended gag reflex decided not to turn the other cheek this time.  I got some down but the rest erupted into a fizzy shower as I coughed and gagged my way through it.  The whole idea of the fizz is to create a good amount of air/gas which inflates the stomach and gives a different view to the camera.  The caveat here was that you were not supposed to burp.  I can only imagine how much harder that would have been if more fizzy had reached the intended destination.  Burps do have a mind of their own I found.  Inserted in all this frivolity is a fair amount of rolling over and around on the table in an effort to coat the entire stomach all while trying to maintain a modicum of modesty.  Love those hospital gowns!  The third and final step was an additional swallowing series of  "thin" barium followed by more acrobatics.  Whew, glad that one is in my rear view mirror.

Lunch was followed by an EKG and a pre cath consult.  Tomorrow is my cardiac catherization so we had to go over everything with the cardiologist. 

Next was a meeting with Krista, the transplant psychologist.  She was very nice and we had a pleasant visit.  I don't think we came across as too crazy.  Well, after reading this blog, you may have your doubts.

The final appointment of the day was with Dr. Martinu, the transplant pulmonologist and the nurse, Kelly.  I really liked Dr. Martinu.  She seemed approachable and listened to our concerns and questions.  We finally left the hospital at 6:30 tonight--10 hours of waiting rooms, tests, and interviews.  Long day.

We still have more questions than answers at this point but we keep moving forward.

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