Monday, February 20, 2012

Give me a heart attack...

Walked in from the garage after going shopping for a bit just to find someone had given me a heart attack--there were hearts of all colors and sizes plastered on every surface of my kitchen.  It was sooo cool!  Plus yummy cookies too.  Don't I have the greatest friends and neighbors ever?  They know this week is gonna be a tough one for me and they are there to show their love and support.  Only six more days until I hop a plane to North Carolina for the evaluation.  I have all the pre-tests done:  dental evaluation, tetanus shot, bone density scan, mammography, pap test, TB test, and flu shot.  The only things left are a HepB shot and a pneumonia booster.  My primary care doc didn't feel comfortable administering those until I check with my CF team.

My lung pain is easing for which I am extremely grateful.  Tomorrow morning I have to have a lesion on my lower lip evaluated by the oral surgeon and probably removed.  Not looking forward to that particularly but having a pea sized lump in my mouth that gets in the way of eating has not been that wonderful either.  I think it's beginning to improve and then, BAM, I bite it again and it blows right back up.

I wish I hadn't had so much time to think about the whole evaluation process.  The more I think about it the more I tend to psych myself out.  Usually the event isn't as hard as all the anxiety leading up to it.  Hopefully by the time I get to North Carolina, the hardest part will be behind me.  Oh anticipation, you are not my friend. But after this heart attack, I'm feeling much better. Who wouldn't?

The stove, cupboards, refrigerator, ceiling, table, countertops and
light fixtures sustained heart damage.

The sliding glass doors even got attention.
Pictures just don't do the attack justice.

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  1. Dear Sherri, What a wonderful idea to boost your spirits up. We love you and hope you get enough rest. They made your schedule start so early in the morning after a long flight. Hang in there.
    Love you lots, Mom Schloss