Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mitt, Mitt, he's our man...

What can get me out of bed at 6 a.m. on a snowy Tuesday morning?   A rowdy political rally with Mitt Romney--that's what.  We were a bunch of early-rising conservatives ready to hear from our hopefully Republican candidate for president. Yep, it's Colorado Caucus Day.

Mitt delivers an awesome speech
Some friends went to the venue much earlier and saved me a place up front along the staging border.  We stood for longer than planned because the Romney campaign got held up in traffic due to the weather.  Felt a bit like I was at the wrong candidate's rally when I experienced an Obama-like moment: a lady, a few people to my left, passed out and caused a small ruckus.  

First spotting of cuff conversation!
One of my favorite parts of the rally was watching the Secret Service in action.  While waiting, I was looking for anyone with an earwig or who talked into their sleeve cuffs. Spotted!   (NCIS viewing pays off yet again.)  When Mitt made his entrance, suddenly they were everywhere.   Secret Service Agents are so focused, committed, and professional.  Totally sexy!  (Sorry Rheid, but you know how much I adore you in a suit too.)

She reminded me of Sandra Bullock
playing Gracie Hart, the FBI agent.

At the conclusion of his speech, the SS swarmed him as he began to shake hands with supporters, including yours truly, who were standing around the perimeter of the staging area.   He was very personable and made eye contact with each person.  When he shook my hand he said, "Thank you for coming, I'm sure it wasn't easy for you."  I told him I was praying for him and he expressed appreciation.  What a genuinely nice guy! 

Me next!  I hurry to snap this photo so I can wipe my
sweaty palms before it's my turn to shake.
I will be attending our neighborhood caucus tonight to show my support for Romney.  I will not, however, be one of the delegates to the county or state convention this year.  With everything that is going on, I'm not sure about my availability.  It's been very informative and fun in the past but not to be this time I guess.    

The Romney tour bus surprised us by driving right
into the venue to drop off Mitt.
I accidently dropped my signage over the edge
just before Mitt got in front of me--couldn't reach it
to get it back.  So now my sign bears the footprints
 of Romney plus several SS agents.  Who knew?

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  1. Did you frame the sign? You are lucky. He is coming next week for the 10 year anniversary of the olympics but is $25.00 for the cheap seats. :(