Thursday, March 1, 2012

Evaluation Day 4...

Another early morning (7:15) and no food, I think this is a recipe for burnout.  Yep, I'm ready for this to be done already.  Today was heart day with a scheduled echocardiogram and a heart catherization.  I was also scheduled for another EKG but had proof that it was actually done at the consult yesterday.  (Yes, insurance company, I saved you some money.  Wanna give me a good customer discount on my deductible to reward my diligence?)

The echocardiogram is basically a sonogram for your heart,  Not bad at all.  They also did a bubble study along with it where they pump some small air bubbles into your heart.  They told me what this was supposed to show but I can't remember what.  Maybe there are air bubbles in my brain.  They worked me in earlier because they had time while I was holding for the cath lab.  That was a blessing because the echo lab can be a long wait in the afternoon they said.  Finally the cath lab was ready for me, just as the echo finished. 

Well, the cardiac cath was interesting (10:00).  Let's just say there is a reason they give you Versed.  They informed me on the table that I would be given Benedryl instead because of breathing issues.  Bummer.  Let's just say the numbing and the threading parts are not too comfortable.  Then there was the coughing issue--kept telling "try hard not to cough."  Easy for them to say, difficult for me to do.  I still have to put pressure on my groin every time I cough for the next 48 hours.  Here's hoping I have a mild coughing night.  I slept all afternoon in a Benedryl stupor, starting to feel more normal tonight.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the end, thank goodness.

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