Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smokey mountains are not so great....

Can I just say...enough all ready! Two fires are not helping my pitiful little lungs be happy. It's hard to know if I can blame everything on the smoke but its not helping I'm sure. The Boulder 4 Mile Canyon fire could have been more nasty for me except the strong winds the first two days were blowing the worst of the smoke away from Fort Collins--thankfully! (Sorry to all the unfortunate down-winders who took one for Team Sherri.) The Loveland fire is closer and we are getting smoke drift here. Yesterday Rheid could smell smoke on his morning walk so he grounded me for the day and I obeyed. :) I've had to up the O2 since I feel more breathless.

All this coincides with my mail order pharmacy messing up my hypertonic saline prescription. Somehow the rx was deleted from the system so instead of being able to order a refill and getting it within the week, I had to contact the clinic and have them send in a whole new prescription which is a two-three week turnaround. Yes, I shouldn't have waited so long to order the refill but with all the medicines I deal with, things sometimes slip through the cracks. So even though I stretched out the last few vials for several additional days, I still went many days without any. On the bright side, I now realize/remember how helpful this stuff really is. How they can charge $110.00 dollars for the salt water and still sleep at night is the ranting for a whole other post, however!

I'm hoping to avoid more IV's but it ain't lookin' too good at this point. Now if Mother Nature could just get on my team too, I'd be smokin'.

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