Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feeling a little hip...

We have hippos! Since I have a highly developed sense of procrastination honed over many years of practice, it is amazing I'm not trying to finish these little guys while the birth mom is in labor! They feel super soft and snugly--not sure the pictures do them justice.

One will be for little "Max" (or whatever cute name he ends up with) and one for Chelly, the wonderful birth mother who is sharing her gift of life. Both can hold and cuddle with their hippo and think of each other. I got to meet Chelly last weekend and I was impressed with her openness and personality--she is amazing!
Me and my gang. Maggie's hippo takes a peek at the newcomers.

Later tonight: Ooh! I had to create an addition to this blog. A favorite blog I follow is having a quilt pattern give-away and I get an extra entry by posting this on my blog. I used to love playing paper dolls and so I think this pattern is DARLING. Cross your fingers and maybe I'll win one of three free patterns Lori is giving away. (I've even got my eyes crossed!)

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  1. I am always so impressed with your accomplishments! They are darling.