Monday, September 6, 2010

Babies, salads, and degrees, oh my...

Just a few life updates:

I'm gonna be a new auntie again! Woot woot! My sister-in-law and brother-in-law were chosen by a wonderful birth mother a couple weeks ago. Can you tell I'm excited??!! Maggie broke the news to us saying, "I'm gonna be a big sister!" It was so darn cute. I spent part of this Labor Day sewing on my baby/birth mother gift. I made a similar thing for Maggie and her birth mom so Maggie wanted me to make one for her new little brother. We have three weeks to go so I for now I sew and wait a bit impatiently. I'll post a picture when I'm done.

Saturday Christina had to work but she called me to come and share lunch on her break. She works at Mad Greens, a salad shop, so I loaded up on spinach, mandarin oranges and seasoned beef--I could actually feel those red blood cells of mine sucking in all that iron I was consuming (my dietitian would be so proud of me mixing vitamin C with my iron sources for better absorption--amazing, I really was paying attention instead of my eyes glazing over as usual.) Yummy!

Saturday was also Bon Voyage day for Josh. After extensive diagnostics and costly repairs, his car was deemed ship-shape and off he went back to Idaho. He starts his final semester at BYU-Idaho this week. I am so proud of him and his commitment to finish his degree. Over the years he has overcome homesickness, multiple car failure/stranding incidents in the middle of basically nowhere (he's now a bit paranoid and can't say as I blame him), a broken collarbone, mononucleosis, a two year hiatus to serve his LDS mission in Germany, working in Alaska to help pay for school, and the regular college concerns. Way to endure to the end Josh!

Brought back a box of apricots from Utah and made three batches of apricot jam and dried a bunch of apricot leather. Also made two scrumptious Fresh Peach pies for my boys...can you say Domestic Goddess??!!

Started to run low grade fevers this week. Whats up with that?? But holdin' my own.

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