Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mission accomplished….

Today I went on a reconnaissance mission for sustenance. I decided to request a food voucher to use in the main floor cafeteria. It is one small perk that CF patients get here. Since patients order their food from a limited menu each day, long-termers (such as CFer’s) get pretty tired of the same old fare day after day. And since they want us to eat lots to keep our weight up, it’s a way to get more variety and hopefully something will look appetizing there.

So with IV pole firmly in hand and oxygen tank trailing behind me, off I went to secure some lunch. Getting me and my medical “wing men” into the elevator is no small feat. I need to enter, turn around, and reach for the buttons all while trying not to lasso myself or any other unwitting passenger with my hoses.

Once I’m there, my next problem becomes how to throw a sizable cafeteria tray into the mix. Uhh, not happening. I opt to use my balancing skills and pole to my advantage and manage to come out of there with a mini pizza, salad, chocolate milk, bag of cashews, and bag of caramel popcorn (as a low blood sugar backup snack.) Woot woot.

Then I get the brilliant idea that since I’m out and about already, I may as well take my provisions outside to the patio to eat and get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Here I had to ask a gentleman to help me with the heavy door. He graciously leaves his chair by the door and holds it open for me. After thanking him profusely for his assistance, I scurried over to the nearest table because the cobbled pavement was not making navigation very easy.

After setting out my food, I realized something I should have noticed earlier…it was hot!! Holy cow. The same sun which had lured me outside was now melting me into a little medicine-filled puddle. My pride wouldn’t allow me to gather up my food and try to retreat back into the cool confines of the cafeteria—plus I’d have to go through the same door where the gentleman was still sitting who helped me out there in the first place. Shoot! I was just going to have to sweat this one out. The 85 degrees sure felt hotter with the cement reflecting the heat but I got my fresh air and sun fix.

I am now safely ensconced in my room with no desire to attempt any more high adventures today. I am armed with snacks. Mission accomplished.


  1. I wish they had food vouchers at my hospital. It does get boring and un-edible when you have to eat the same thing for weeks. It's a bummer that you had to melt down just trying to enjoy some freedom and a new menu to choose from. Hang in there and take a Vit. D supplement next time, don't melt. Talk to you soon......

  2. So sorry you are still stuck in that nasty place. I wish I could bring you something yummy right now! I'm glad that you've got the system down though and know how to get something besides the usual hospital food -- yuck! Feel better soon! (((HUGS)))