Sunday, April 28, 2013

Of pride and prayers...

Glasses Saga:

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Week 8 of my continuing "Vanity Trial." *refer to previous post   Surprisingly, I've found myself fighting off the desire to tell anyone who even glances at me that I'm having eye surgery.  As I analysed  my intense need to over-share this bit of medical information, I came to one conclusion--I'm a nut job.

Delving further into my psyche, I realized by defending my use of the glasses (I HAD to wear them....gasp) people would know that I know that I know I look unattractive.  There would be no one out there thinking, "Someone should tell her those glasses aren't a good look for her since she is out in polite society" if I could help it.  I would turn their criticism to concern in an instant!  Yes, I know how pathetic that sounds.  But dear reader, you would be pleased to know that as time goes by, I am reigning in my insecurities, looking people in the eye, and sparing them my sob story. is a good thing.

Duke Update:  

I am currently scheduled to see my transplant team on May 24th.  It will be a quick trip to North Carolina and back.  The plan was to dazzle them with my lung function, however my lungs are less than dazzling lately.  The past two weeks have been harder with shortness of breath, small lung bleeds, coughing at night, and higher sugars. These are sure signs of a lung infection running amok.   I have debated going to CF clinic and getting some medication going but I keep talking myself out of it.  Since my team wanted the Duke doctors to get a sense of how things truly are, I've been resisting starting antibiotics.  Not sure if I can make it another 4 weeks without help.  I don't want to do more damage by waiting too long to fix an infection and the past couple days have felt worse.  Clinic is in the morning so I better make a decision soon.


With a winter eerily devoid of snow, water managers here were already issuing water restrictions for the upcoming summer.  In fact, we had a wildfire in the foothills that burned for three days at the end of March.  It brought back bad memories of last summer's devastating fire season.  My church asked that we fast and pray for moisture and I know other area congregations were also praying for that blessing.  On the 16th of this month we got over 22 inches of heavy, wet snow in one storm and 6 inches in another about a week later--breaking April snow records, giving kids 2 snow days, and helping bring water storage levels up considerably. Our family had bought two sets of Colorado Rockies tickets--yep, you guessed it--right in the middle of both snow storms.  One game broke a MLB record for coldest baseball game temperature--22 degrees with a windchill making it feel even worse. Luckily we talked ourselves out of attending that game since it went into twelve long, freezing innings.  We would have been popsicles. The second game was cancelled and rescheduled--lesson learned.  Word has it that despite our 80 degree temps the past two days,  it may snow again this Wednesday without us even having a Rockies ticket in sight.  We are just grateful our prayers are being answered.

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