Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two weeks down and only ten to go...

If only I could....
Let's just say I'm scarred.  Flashback:  Me and a "popular boy" were the last two leaving 7th grade science class when he turned around and stated frankly, "You might be cute if it wasn't for your glasses!"  He walked off and I was left to gather up the shreds of my self esteem.  Thanks Tracy B. for your insightful comment. (I won't give his full name just in case he gets a crazy idea to google himself and finds my blog--my luck he would be some kind of blog critic!)

Yes, wearing glasses that closely resembled the bottom of coca-cola bottles only added fuel to the angst I experienced through middle school and the beginning of junior high. Contacts, thankfully, were just coming into their own and quite literally saved my dwindling self confidence, stopping my need for even stronger prescription glasses.

So recently hearing I needed to be out of my gas-permeable lenses for 3 months before having eye surgery sent me reeling right back to Mr.Whiting's science class.  How does it happen that a 47 year old woman still  cares what the "popular kids" think of her?  Wouldn't you think I should have evolved past those self-centered thoughts by now?  And even more bewildering, why does aforementioned semi-young woman need cataract surgery in the first place?  Inquiring minds want to know.

At my eye doctor appointment in February I found out that not only did I need my cataracts removed but I've also developed glaucoma.  Oh joy, one more thing to add to my body-is-falling-apart list.  Now I use eye drops every night to reduce my eye pressures.  Hopefully the medication will keep my optic nerve from further damage.

So I am counting down the weeks of my "Vanity Trial" and praying that I stay well so surgery can go as planned allowing my glasses to go back out of sight--where they belong.


  1. :( I know the feeling, at least fashion sense in spectacles has come a long way. Regardless I hope everything goes well with your surgery and your weeks with coke bottles goes quickly!

  2. So will the eye surgery just put things back to where they were or is it like lasik where not only will your cataracts be better but you wont need glasses or contacts? If they could just slip that bit in too it would be nice ;) What we need to do is get you some really outrageous crazy frames - bright and colorful like - and they'll be so amazing no one will notice how thick the lenses are. I have a friend who has glasses with painted on polka dots and stuff and it's like a whole new fun accessory - if you have to wear them, make them be a statement right? :)