Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just a day at the beach...

Saturday for our anniversary/Father's Day we decided to take a day trip to the coast to see the ocean.  Wilmington is a little over 2 hours from here and sports the nearest beach.  I also have a cousin, who before this move, was the only person I knew in North Carolina and she just happens to live in Wilmington too.  It was a treat to visit and get reacquainted and to meet her youngest son for the first time.  Unfortunately her husband was out of the country with a group of college students from UNC-Wilmington.

Brian, Becky, and I headed down to Wrightsville Beach.
Proof that Rheid was there too!
We walked the beautiful sandy beach for about an hour and of course had to get our feet wet in the waves. It is just so peaceful to hear the rhythm of the tide as it comes in and out.  A few large kites were flying overhead their colors bright against the blue sky. The sand felt like sugar it was so fine. Just a perfect sunny afternoon to stroll the beach.

Talking and walking at the edge of the surf.
We also did a driving tour of Wilmington to get an overview of the city:  the historic downtown area, the USS North Carolina, the river front, and the ocean front.  It is a beautiful city that needs further exploring.  What a nice, relaxing day--just what we needed.

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