Thursday, June 14, 2012

An amazing gift...

After a long afternoon of working out, I returned to the apartment and found a package for me in the mail.  As I couldn't remember ordering anything lately, I wondered what on earth it could be.  Then I looked at the return address and saw the name of a lovely lady from my church (ward) back home.  Still wondering what it could possibly be, I opened the box to find the cutest, most amazing gift ever--a handmade quilt with blocks decorated by the primary children in my ward.

Me with a picture of the kids they sent along with the quilt.
As I pulled it out, tears sprang to my eyes and I was overcome with a feeling of love, not just for these little children but for their leaders, my friends, who took the time to put the project together so beautifully.  I wish the picture did the quilting justice but it is absolutely fabulous (Marilyn, I think you rock).  Each block is something about Colorado such as: mountains, sunshine, flowers, the Colorado flag, rivers, camping, fishing, something that could be a watermelon and even an Igwanidon (sic), Colorado's state dinosaur--how cute is that??!!

It is on my bed and I am feeling the love--just had to share it.  :)

Square made by the cutest of the bunch, my Maggie!

A longer shot to see the quilt better.

(Editorial note: Plus this gift came on my 27th wedding anniversary--Happy Anniversary Rheid.  I love you!)

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