Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Move over for this bad boy....

It is not enough that all my medical paraphernalia takes up two cupboards and one drawer at my house and a fair share of countertop to boot...move over and make way for the newest in high-tech gadgetry.   Meet my newest nemesis buddy!

Kinda looks like R2D2 flying a space pod getting ready to shoot enemy invaders from Endor--right??!!  Well maybe not, but I swear you need a rocket science degree to figure out how to put the critter together.  Don't even get me started on the 50 step process to clean (immediately after each use) and disinfect (every day) the thing.  If it weren't for the speedy delivery this doohicky claims, it would be hurtling towards the death star right now.  And let me just say, if you've got a bit of extra money lying around, now would be the perfect time to invest in distilled water because there is gonna be a huge upsurge in sales courtesy of this little bad boy.

I officially began my inhaled Colistin today.  I was a wee bit nervous but I managed it all by myself without any allergic issues--wahoo.    Inhaled antibiotics and I don't generally play well together.  I was all excited when Tobi first came out but it was a dismal failure.  It actually made my breathing worse and after sticking it out for a month (I was determined this was going to be my nirvana), I ended up in the hospital fixing myself from the miracle drug that wasn't.  Never again I vowed.

No worries, I was told.  They are working on a new inhaled drug that is showing promising results.  Great!  But by the time Cayston was finally approved, I had already developed an allergy to the IV form.  Ugh.  So that was a no go.

Since my Tobi trauma happened years earlier while I was living in Utah, my Colorado care team thought I should give it another try.  Because my medication options are so limited, I reluctantly decided to try again.  Hello--what part of never again didn't I remember?  Dismal failure part two--but at least this time I only gave it a week before I pulled the plug on that experiment.

So that brings me to Colistin.  I've got a lot riding on our relationship.  If this works out between the two of us, it could mean less frequent trips to the hospital and feeling better in between times.  Here's to a new beginning.

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