Thursday, September 22, 2011

A bittersweet memory...

As part of my August antics, Rheid and I traveled to Burley, Idaho, for a long weekend.  Our county fair, held the third weekend every August, brings lots of family and friends back home.  So it is also the typical time for Burley Bobcat alumni to hold their class reunions.  This year was Rheid's 30th (gasp)!  I can't believe it has been that long.  Since I was two years behind him in school, I know many of his classmates.  They were the mighty Seniors when I was but a lowly Sophomore.  So it was with more than a little trepidation that I strapped on the portable O2 and made my appearance at the reunion--not the look of  "what a lucky guy Rheid is to have such a young, hot looking wife" that I wish I could have gone for.  But I am glad I didn't talk myself out of attending because everyone was gracious and friendly and soon I was able to just relax and be me.  For better or worse.  We had a great time catching up with people and remembering old times.

Another big reason we took the trip was to be a part of my 89 year old grandmother's gigantic living estate sale.  She moved into assisted-living housing last year and had been storing things in case she didn't like her new place.  Well, now she is settled and enjoying her living situation.  Mom and Dad planned to have the sale over fair weekend knowing we'd all be home to help out.  My sisters and their kids did the majority of the work because Rheid and I came later in the week.

Grandkids having fun at the check out table.  
I had no idea how much stuff there was in Grandma's storage unit. Table after table of memories filled my parents driveway and yard.  It was hard to watch people carry away Grandma's things.  Large bowls that used to hold mashed potatoes and fried chicken.  Bags after bags full of colorful yarn she used to crochet afghans, dolls, animals, pot-holders, or just about anything you could imagine.  Clothes I remember her wearing.  Knickknacks that sat on her shelves and fireplace mantle.   It took a lot of will power to not make "treasures" out of everything.

Even this picture doesn't completely capture the magnitude of the sale.
But the things that reminded me of Grandma and Grandpa the most were the contents of the toy closet.  I picked a few toys to bring home with me because I couldn't bear for them to end up where someone didn't love them as much I as did.  There were just too many fun memories to let them go easily.

In fact, I couldn't think about many things too much or it felt too sad.  So I chose to focus on the good memories and remember that stuff is just stuff after all.


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