Monday, July 4, 2011

Sprinklers off and away we go...

I grew up camping and fishing all through the summer months.  But now when I contemplate going camping, all I can think about is oxygen, generator noise, equipment sterilization, no campfires, etc.  Oh my!  Not my idea of fun anymore.  But just knowing all of my family was off enjoying a 4th of July fishing trip in Idaho without the Schloss family to set the fishing standard high, well, it just sorta hurt my heart.  So I asked my dear husband if we could do a Staycation instead..  He was up to the challenge!

Braving the wilds of our backyard, he set up the tent last night.  Who needs the sounds of water lapping up on the shore or the crackling of fire??  We had the hum of the neighbor's central air-conditioner fan and the popping and whizzing of illegal fireworks purchased over the border in Wyoming going off all over the neighborhood to lull us to sleep.  Aww, the sounds of nature.

We invited our 4 year old niece to join in the fun.  When it was time for family prayer, she volunteered to offer it.  Kneeling in the dark, this is how it went:  "Dear Heavenly Father, Please help that the mosquitoes won't get us and that we can stay in our own sleeping bags...bless the tent to keep us safe...please help the fireworks to stop so they won't wake us up..."  It just melted our hearts.

This afternoon we are trying bbq ribs on the grill and making dutch oven chicken followed by general merriment until dusk when we will venture out to the city fireworks display that never fails to disappoint.  Sounds like a holiday to me.  Happy 235th America!!

Cuddling in the dark in the glow of Christina's  phone cam

It's hard to go to sleep when you're jacked up on rootbeer floats

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