Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Apocalypse now...

Ok, last night beginning about 10:30, the heavens opened and we had massive quantities of lightening and rain with a bit of thunder thrown in for good measure.  While I kneeled at the side of my bed saying prayers, my dog was frantically licking my toes trying to calm his frazzled nerves and then it stuck...a loud thunderous clap that sent him flying around me to get between me and the bed and then between Rheid and I.  His last nerve was shot.

The sky was filled with sheet lightening in every direction.  It was beautiful in a creepy kind of way. It lasted a couple hours.  Just when I'd think the storm was rolling out to the plains, another wave would hit and start all over again.  I gave up even trying to go to sleep and just listened to the distant roll of thunder and the rain drumming against the bedroom window.

Now today the weatherman said we were in for another stormy night but it wouldn't be as severe as last night.  So frugal little me turned off the sprinklers this afternoon to save our water bill (which can be shocking in the summer) since last night took good care of our watering needs.

Well about an hour ago, great big rain drops hit me as I walked back from the neighbors.  Within 5 minutes, holy hail!!  Most of it was marble sized but you could see random quarter size and larger ones.  This storm came with a strong wind so the hail was hitting the windows, the trees were bending and whipping around, and rain again was over-flowing the gutters.  Our sidewalk went under water and the road at times looked like it was boiling.  It felt and sounded like the beginning of the Apocalypse..not that I'm dramatic or anything like that as you can tell.  The amazing part was that after about 20 minutes we had blue skies again.  Crazy.

But as you can see, the radio warning us to take cover and watch for potential flooding or spawning tornados could not stop me from venturing out to the front porch to document the fray.  I live for danger!   Although the pictures give you some idea, they don't do the storm justice.  I think the sound made the situation feel spookier.  Neighbor kids came out of hiding with galoshes and inner tubes to splash and float down the street.      My flowers are flattened, tree leaves are shredded, and my garden hopefully lives through the deluge. I'll have to survey the damage tomorrow. We have had so much rain this summer, I should have planted mushrooms.  They might have fared better.

Water filled up the rain gutter so over the top it came.
You can see the hail bouncing out too.
It looks like it is snowing across the way.

Water starts to cover the sidewalk as the hail splashes.

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