Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thanks for coming along...

Happy Bloggiversary!  It's been a little over a year since I started this bloggy blog.  Doesn't seem that long really.  I guess it's my ripe old age showing but time seems to go faster now that I'm (ahem) mature.   It's hard to believe that a year ago we just returned from our amazing 25th wedding anniversary trip to Washington D.C.--our adventures immortalized by my foray into blogging.

This blog has blessed my life in ways I could never have anticipated at the outset.  I have made so many new "virtual" friends who feel anything but virtual to me.  I have enthusiastically followed their highs and sadly empathized with their lows.  Their triumphs give me courage and their courage gives me strength.  The cystic fibrosis community shares a bond that is hard to describe.  We are fighters.  We are lonely.  We are optimistic.  We are afraid.  We cherish life because we see it for the gift that it all its fragility.  We want our lives to mean more than our disease--we want to make a difference.  The internet gives us a way to support each other since other face-to-face support has been denied us because of cross-contamination issues.  A friend I made from across the pond was young and scared and very sick. She felt so alone.  Talking to her (not just me but others as well) gave her courage, hope, options, and understanding.  Unfortunately she passed the end of May--now breathing easier.  I was blessed to feel of her spirit and her love in the communications we were able to share.

This blog has also allowed me to reconnect with friends and relatives.  Their kind words of encouragement and love mean the world to me.  They have strengthened my support system and I am grateful.  Who doesn't need more cheerleaders in their life?  I've got a world-class squad.

Also this blog has allowed me to document life events and record them for family and my descendents.  I just attended a two-day family history/genealogy conference on Friday and Saturday (it was fantastic) and I was again reminded of the importance of leaving a legacy for future generations.  You continue to live on if you leave a memory.

Last Sunday we celebrated my birthday.  Who knew 46 years ago when my parents got my diagnosis and were told I would not live long enough to go to school that I'd still be here plugging along.  Through the grace of God, the faith of my mother, the love and care of my family, and great medical care, I am still here and I plan on being here a lot longer.

Pictures of the Birthday celebration.

Bringing in the blowing reinforcements!

MaryAnne made a thing of beauty--delicious!

Maggie wrapped up and gave me one of her toys.  Mary tried
to convince her not to but she insisted.  We play together
so she thought  I would like it...I LOVE IT.
Max gets to try some birthday cake.  He sure put up a fuss
when his "tastes" were finished.  Too funny.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! We are so happy to have you here a lot longer too :) Hope you are feeling well today!

  2. You are a fighter and you are leaving a great legacy.