Thursday, June 2, 2011

Now and then...

NOW:  All good things must come to an end and my 5 3/4 months of being IV free has done just that.  I checked myself into the Denver Bed and Breakfast on Tuesday to hopefully get my airways opened up so I can breathe deeper and easier.  MRSA isn't the culprit this time as much as the pseudomonas, which is a switch from what has been the norm lately for me.  With four antibiotic IV's on board and incompatibility issues, I am pretty much stuck to Mr. IV Pole 24/7 except when I shower.  They upped my steroids to 40mg/4times per day so I am being stalked by the blood glucose monitoring team--which, trust me, can be very annoying.  They start throwing correction factors, sensitivity rates, carb ratios and other pump lingo around so much that instead of hearing, "If we make changes to your carb ratio at 2 to 1 and cover with 20 nph units and you only drop 25% then we'll have to change... and so on," I start to hear "wa, wa wa wa wa wa.  Wa, wa wa, wa wa wa..."   Just  shoot me now!  Getting blood sugars stabilized while loading up on steroids and fighting an infection at the same time is nearly impossible--but they never stop trying.  Darn their determination to fix me!  The steroids have my face so flushed and hot I think I could fry an egg on my cheeks. 

On a whew, wipe-the-brow kind of note, I was thrilled when my port (now known as the Little Port That Could) flushed like a dream when accessed the 3rd time.  A nurse accessed it twice but it would neither push nor pull fluid.  Visions of needing a new port started dancing through my head until the charge nurse came and tried one more time and it worked.  What a relief!  I didn't want to have to admit that it hadn't been flushed since December when I finished up my last treatment session.  I kept meaning to get it flushed but putting it off for later was much easier.  And honestly, I thought I would have to do IV's before now anyway and didn't want to turn around and access it again so soon.   Sometimes I take this saving money bit a little too far.  
Me in my luxury suite
THEN:  AKA--What I've been up to lately that was lots more fun than hanging out at the hospital.

We took a road trip to Utah for some wonderful family experiences.  First, we attended the temple sealing of our darling Max to his adoptive family.  He was as happy as he could be looking at the chandeliers and taking it all in.  He has a special spirit about him and is truly a blessing to our family.

Beautiful forever family at Mt. Timpanogos Temple
Later that afternoon we all met back at the park across from the temple to take Schloss Family pictures. Since we had added 8 new members since our last portrait, it was the perfect time to update.  Haven't seen them yet but hopefully I don't look too weird.  Last time, the photographer had to photoshop my head into the  portrait since I was the only one who looked wacky.  We then all headed over to Tabitha's, our niece, to see her new home and have a barbecue.  
Sister Weatherford returns
The next event was all about my side of the family.  My sweet niece, Krista, returned home to Spanish Fork, Utah, from serving her 18 month mission to the California Carlsbad Mission.  She learned Spanish and loved serving among the people there.  After her talk, we all gathered at her house for lunch before heading back to Colorado.  Took some fun pictures and here are a couple to share.

The Jackson Ladies
Me, Ralene, Mom, Terri (my twin)

The Cousins

A few days after our Utah trip, my sister and her daughter took an airplane ride to Colorado for a week of sight-seeing.  We had a great time checking out quilt stores, going to Estes Park, watching the Rockies, and hanging out at the aquarium.  The weather turned cold and rainy for most of their trip so the zoo was a bust this time.  We were lucky the Rockies game was well under way before it started to rain.  By the end of the 9th inning, it got so cold we could see our breaths.  Thank goodness for rain ponchos and blankets.

Me and my girl hanging with the fishes.

Waiting in line to get our Denver Aquarium tickets.

I am a Survivor!!!

Josh took our picture at the beginning of the game.
 He brought his friend, Jannette, along for the fun..
Unfortunately, the Rocks let it slip away in the final
inning, 7 to 8, for the Padres.  Heartbreaker.


  1. You are so cute! Denver Bed and Breakfast? You kill me. Miss you!

  2. wow i am just reading your blog now! i didn't realize you had one.
    sorry you are back in the hospital!
    you have children, and so many adventures it seems! so awesome!

  3. Love you SO much Aunt Sherri! Hope your stay in that suite place of yours isn't too long and painful. Sending you lots of love and good vibes :)

  4. Wow, 5 3/4 months is quite a run to be IV free, but of course it never lasts. Hope your stay isn't too bad and don't step on your IV line and pull the needle out of your port like I did two times in one hospital stay, LOL! Love Ya Cysta!