Saturday, December 11, 2010

A right jolly old elf...

Today I got to do one of my favourite things...going to see Santa Claus...with two of my favourite little people, Maggie and Max.  A local business hosts Santa for their clients to come visit.  And this isn't your regular store-type Santa, this Santa rocks!  He is real from the tip of his white, wavy beard to the bottom of his big, black boots.  His plush red suit covers his round belly and makes his lap look snuggly and inviting even to this 45 year old.  Not only is he authentic looking but this Santa does magic, tells stories, and laughs with a deep "HO HO HO."  Two month old Max took all the fuss in stride and 4 year old Maggie was hesitant but brave enough to climb on up.  Too cute!  It was so fun to watch the varied reactions of the little children and it helped me remember some of the magic of the season.

Things are going along with the IV's.  I'm just feeling really mediciney and shaky.  The home health nurse came by on Thursday to take blood for a random Vancomycin level and creatinine.  Took every ounce of patience I had to be nice after the 6 tries, count them 6, it took for her to finally get a working vein.  Home health nurses are frightening on so many levels.

Got to get feeling better quick cuz there is shopping that needs to be done and time is getting short...Santa can't do it all by himself!

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