Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home again...

I got to come home last night.  It was an all day process to get my home IV meds delivered to the hospital and then get checked out.  Found out the day before I left that one antibiotic the doctor wanted me on somehow didn't make it to my orders--I was on three instead of the four that was planned.  So they started the fourth drug at home instead.  I didn't want to stay one more day to figure that one out; I'd just deal with it all at home thank you very much.

The most frustrating part of this hospitalization (there always has to be at least one annoying thing--it's the rules) happened to be my eyes.  I had my yearly eye check-up, like the good little diabetic I am, just two weeks ago and diabetically speaking, my eyes were great.  But the eye doctor noticed the cataracts my eyes started to grow two years ago were still progressing--thanks again for giving, prednisone.  He said if they weren't giving me any problems then we would just check them again next year.  Sounded good to me.  I occasionally notice strangeness in my vision when I am looking far down the road while driving and at random other times but it's not so bad.

Well, fast forward to the second day in the hospital when I notice that things seem a bit blurry with my contacts in.  I chalk it up to dryness and hospital air.  So I was thinking when I put my glasses on for the night, things would be better.  Not so.  It's like someone took my glasses and put a different prescription in them.  I couldn't see the television clearly and then when I decided to read before going to bed, well, the pages were all a blur.  Squinting didn't even make things legible.  Crud.

When I mentioned the problem to my CF doc, he said that when I got off the IV steroids, it would probably resolve itself.  Comparatively speaking, my steroids were low this admission but I dutifully waited until the IV steroids were discontinued before becoming too alarmed.  Now call me alarmed--or maybe aggravated would be a better word.  It hasn't gotten any better and I'm only on 32 mg of oral medrol.  Tomorrow I need to call the opthamologist for another appointment to see what's going on, literally.  Getting cataract surgery was not on the top of my list of things to do over the holidays, but is it ever frustrating to not see right.

On the bright side, I am breathing better and the meds aren't making me feel uber yucky.  For that, I am thankful.  Also slept well last night, ahhh I love beds that don't have any mechanical abilities.  :)

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