Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good times in December...

 What a crazy holiday season this one has been!  Since I wasn't feeling well through the beginning/middle of the month, I was super behind in the whole Christmas experience.  I finished off my IV's in Utah on the way to see my son graduate with his B.S. degree in Communications from BYU-Idaho.

Joshua's 2010 Graduation from BYU-Idaho

Proud Grandparents

My parents and in-laws made the trip as well and we had fun hanging out in our hotel together.  Rexburg was super cold  (they lovingly call it Iceberg for good reason) and I was worried it would be hard to breathe but I was blessed--no problems at all.  They held commencement in the new BYU-I Center and it is a beautiful facility.  Afterwards we helped Josh move out of his apartment and started for home.  The weather had other ideas however so we opted to spend an extra day so we could travel through Wyoming in the daylight hours.  We had some hair-raising roads periodically but it could have been much worse.  Had we not left when we did, we would have been stuck for several days because of snow storms and closed roads.

Once I got home, shopping started with a vengeance on Monday morning, the 20th.  I have never been so unprepared for the holidays before. But with some online help and determination, I had things all purchased two days before Christmas.  Rheid and I had a marathon wrapping session that night and finally the Christmas tree didn't look bleak due to an extreme lack of presents.

Reindeer Production Crew
Then it was time to make neighbor/friend treats.  Not learning my lesson from the turkey cake pop incident, I decided to make reindeer pops on a mass scale for distribution.  Luckily I enlisted the family to help since time was getting short.  The professionals sure made the sample reindeer look good and easy in the pictures.  Ours, on the other hand, looked like they came from The Island of Misfit Treats.  Some of them looked rather dubious but they did taste fantastic.
Mom made us do this.
The annual Christmas letter still has yet to be written or sent--just not feeling it this year.  Maybe I'll get around to a New Year's letter, who knows.

Santa brought me a Nook ereader and I've had fun trying to figure out how it works.  Next I need to learn how to find free books to download!

Now on to 2011!


  1. I totally love that picture of Christina and Josh, hilarious! Glad the trip home was safe, thank you SO much for the gifts, you are all wonderful! Can't wait to visit when the ice age ends someday... :) LOVE YOU TONS!

  2. Sherri,

    Thank you for "coming out" so to speak and leaving a comment on my blog! And if you don't mind, I'd love to check back here and get to know you a little more.