Saturday, August 14, 2010

Venting just a bit...

So I just finished with my IV stint, right. Should be feeling on top of the world, right? Wrong. Not getting the rebound I wanted or expected.

With about three days left to go on the meds, I started to feel a bit more wheezy. I chalked it up to all the dead bacteria bodies laying around and irritating my airways; the doctors have technically explained the phenomenon to me before when I've had the wheezies start up just as I'm finishing IV's. So I thought everything would kind of calm down once my lungs stopped being the killing fields and became their warm, fuzzy, Bacteria-R-Us selves again. Instead, my airways are overly twitchy and when I can manage to get them to stay moderately open, I sound junky.

I started to convince myself that things weren't really that bad and then today happened. Rheid and I signed up to walk a precinct and hand out fliers for a friend of ours running for a seat in the Colorado State House. (Vote Bob Morain for District 52 Colorado House of Representatives! Woot woot!) I had just finished my breathing treatments before I left and I had my oxygen on so I expected to be able to walk door-to-door. I knew I wouldn't break any land speed records doing it but it shouldn't be too difficult either. Wrong.

I bumped my oxygen up an extra liter because I felt so breathless. It sounded like I had inhaled a squeaky toy cuz when I would breathe out, you could hear a smothered whistle. Not cool. Then add in the coughing fits, argh.
Note to random homeowner: I'm sorry about throwing up on your lawn. If it's any consolation, I think the bacteria may help your lawn grow lush and green--since everything inside of me is lush and green.

Thinking I might up my standard daily dose of steroids for a few days before I send up a flare to the clinic. It just wasn't supposed to work like this. Yes, I'm a bit steamed so maybe a small vent is in order.

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  1. Sherri, I definitely think you need to tell your clinic and see what can be done. I know it is sooooo frustrating and discouraging! Hang in there

    Love your note to "random homeowner"! You haven't lost your sense of humor!