Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh what I did in the summertime-part one...

Wanted to share the fun I had on Saturday. A local nursery celebrates bugs, ladybugs in particular, every late summer. I saw the sign advertising their ladybug launch and I was determined not to miss it this year. Problem was I needed someone to be as excited as me at the prospect of seeing over 20,000 ladybugs released. Enter cute-as-a-bug niece, Maggie, and her willing parents.

Luckily Maggie woke up early from her nap so we squirted over to the nursery with five minutes to spare before lift-off. But some party-pooper in charge let the fun begin 10 minutes early so we missed the initial impact of all the bugs. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise--Maggie freaked out at the residual ladybugs flying around. It probably didn't help that the first evidence she saw was a young girl's arm which was completely swarmed with the little red critters. The nursery distributes cups with hundreds of ladybugs in each one and then everyone opens them up at the same time. (Talked a little girl into letting us take a picture of her nearly empty cup.)

I talked to a couple ladies who were standing around and they said the whole thing is creepy in an amazing type way. Once launched the bugs land everywhere--on your arms, in your hair, on your face, everywhere. One lady said people were even plugging their noses just in case. I know my lips would have been locked tight for sure had we experienced the take-off.

As it was we had them climbing on us just a couple at a time but it felt like you had lots more crawling on you anyway. Kind of the bug heebie-jeebies! Found a stow-a-way in my purse too. The creepiest part of all though was trying not to step on any of them. Unfortunately since there were lots of people, there were ladybug casualties, though not as many as you might think considering the circumstances.

Along with the launching there were bug exhibits, bug crafts, bug tattoos, and a large ladybug inflatable. Lots of fun! (Maybe next year I'll save a pft nose clip and bring it along for nasal protection--oh what a fashion statement that would make!)

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