Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh what I did in the summertime-part two...

Next stop on the fun train--the Larimer County Fair. We picked up the whole family plus Josh's friend, Jason, and headed to the fairgrounds. Christina got off work in time to meet us there. We walked through the vendors and then saw the exhibits. My favorite part being the beautiful quilts which hung from the rafters. It brought to mind my 4-H days and how much I loved showing off all my hard work--the ribbons and money teaching me that giving my best efforts paid off in the end.

Of course it wouldn't be a proper fair experience if we didn't walk though the stinky animal barns--and these didn't disappoint; the variety of critters and the smell factor teamed up for a perfect sensory assault. Loved it!

Our favorite outdoor attraction had to be the Splash Dogs. The brave dogs who launched themselves off the platform into the water to retrieve their favorite toy were amazing. But the newbies who wholeheartedly ran to the end and then suddenly put on the brakes were hysterical.

The petting zoo was another highlight of our fair adventure. For being in a small space it sure packed in a varied menagerie of tame animals for our petting pleasure: a variety of goats, a pot-bellied pig, llamas, a giant tortoise, a couple ponies, ducks, a giant rabbit, and even a camel. Only the girls were brave enough to enter however. Christina and I paid for a dixie cup of sliced carrots and boy were we popular. Best dollar we ever spent! One overly-friendly pony decided my arm might be just as tasty as a carrot and tried to take a nibble out of my wrist--too funny. Once I decided to sit on the bench and up popped a little goat to keep me company.

Maggie had a blast riding the ponies and taking a spin on the Ladybug Twirl (I sense a theme here.) Personally I think Mike was having way too much fun! It was a great afternoon with the fam.

(Editors Note: Last night about dusk, Rheid and I "walked the wife" around the neighborhood. Two blocks away from home, to our utter delight, we saw seven raccoons venture out of the storm drain, run across the lawn, and vanish into the night. Who needs a fair to see awesome critters??!! It was a tender mercy to be at the right place at the right time to see the cute little family scurry off to have their own adventures.)

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