Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tis better to give than receive...

Twas the day after Thanksgiving when I landed on the receiving end of a cold kindly given to me by my son or one of the myriads who have been sick lately.  As I type, I can feel a pulsing heartbeat behind my cheekbones there is so much pressure in my sinuses.  For a person who is already filled to the brim with mucus, to get a cold is adding insult to injury.  As soon as I felt the first inkling of invasion, I went on the attack with copious amounts of water, essential oils, Emergen-c, and positive thinking but it refused to remain at bay. Luckily I have managed to out-maneuver cold germs for the past several years with this strategy, but this one must be a survivor because it has outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted me.

I already had a scheduled appointment for Monday at clinic so that turned out to be good timing.  I have been noticing its been harder to exercise the past couple of weeks so I wanted to check my lung function.  Now they can see me tomorrow in all my germy glory.

Some exciting news to share happened November 21st, the day before Thanksgiving.  My daughter, Christina, decided to join the Navy!  She scored high on her preliminary tests and so the Navy was anxious to get her.  The recruiter helped her jump through a couple hurdles that sped up the process and she ships off to basic training on the 12th of December.  Yes, in a little less than three weeks she will fly to Illinois and begin her 4 year enlistment with the Navy.  I am so proud of her because I know she is fearful about some things but it hasn't stopped her from making the commitment and moving forward.  Every time I think about her, I start singing In The Navy in my head.  I am a product of the 80's so I can't make it stop!

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner the night before with the Larson family.  Since Mary Anne had to work on Thanksgiving, we decided to celebrate early.  But Josh stayed at home sick and Christina took longer at the Navy office than she planned so our feasting numbers were down.  Then on Thanksgiving afternoon with no big meal to eat, Rheid, Christina, and I decided to see Rise of the Guardians.  What a darling movie.  Never been a big fan of Jack Frost but now he's the  man!

Baby Teeth, Jack Frost, Easter Bunny and Sandman.

Another memorable day this month honored our Uncle Edwin who passed away.  His funeral was on Monday the 5th in Golden, Colorado.  It was a beautiful service made special by the memories shared from each grandchild. When we moved to Colorado, Rheid's aunt and uncle were the only people we knew in the whole state--and I didn't know them that well.  We have grown to love them and I will miss being able to joke with him.

Grandson pallbearers at the graveside.

Earlier we had an unseasonably warm Halloween which made it fun for our two favorite trick-or-treaters.

Cutest witch and fireman ever!
We took Maggie to see Josh who was volunteering at the
Otterbox house at Treatsylvania.  
What I deal with every Fall--Tucker plays in the
leaves and then drags them in the house.

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  1. Sounds like you had a full month! I hope you get better soon - I don't know if there are interactions with your meds, but I have been loving my Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) lately for just about everything (antifungal/viral/bacterial/parasitic etc etc). I didn't know if it could be another addition to your early-cold bombardment. That's so awesome for Christina! We are so excited for her! We love you and all the fam too - give them all hugs for us when you feel better! :)