Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doesn't look a mile over 99,999...

He's a looker!

My little 2001 vortex blue beetle and I have been though a lot together and yesterday he rolled his odometer--100,000 miles!  Toot that horn and celebrate.  This is the first new vehicle we ever bought (we usually purchase new-to-us models) so it is the first time we've put all the mileage on ourselves.  My little fanny (or as my daughter would be quick to point out--"lack of fanny") has been in the driver or passenger seat for 95% of those miles so I've left quite an impression on my blue buddy.  :)

Granted, with digital odometers, rolling an odometer doesn't have quite the build up it used to.  Now you don't get to see all the 9's in various stages of progression--like an odometer eclipse.  Then finally they are all 0's  and you feel like you just got a teenage eye-roll--you know, like the ones you used to give your parents when you thought they weren't looking.  But now as a parent you realize you don't have to see them, you can feel an eye roll clear across a room.  So I guess I didn't get away with as much teenage angst as I thought I did--sorry, Mom and Dad.

My blue buddy and I are a lot alike:
1.  We are definitely not as young as we used to be and require additional maintenance.
2.  We each put off getting "tune-ups" until something doesn't work right any more.
3.  We have both had an unfortunate run-in with  handicapped signage.  (Mine in the form of needing a placard to hang from the rearview mirror so I can park by a handicapped sign.  His in the form of having a new driver take him to the high school parking lot to practice driving manuevers and accidently plowing down a handicapped sign while trying to leave a parking space.  This was his first scratch/dent and a traumatic experience for my son as well.)
4.  We both want it to be a long time before we need a complete overhaul.

Here's to a smooth road ahead of us!

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  1. I have always felt that anyone driving a "BUG" should be smiling. It looks funny to see an angry driver in such a cute car. I know you are the happy owner! Happy Anniversary!