Sunday, April 10, 2011

Clinic here I come...

Well, I'm putting it off no longer and am heading off to clinic tomorrow.  I need to meet with my team and decide what to do about my insurance's latest trick.  Since my colonization with MRSA in 2009, if not on IV's then I have to take Zyvox (Lineazolid) every other month to keep it in check.  Well, I decided to try and push it out this last time to 2 months since I was feeling ok and I really wanted a chance to get a better handle on my continual yeast infections.  My tongue had gotten very sensitive with heavy fur in some places and raw patches in others and this despite eating yogurt, drinking keifer, and taking acidopholous (spell checker doesn't even know how to spell that so I don't feel too bad if I did get it wrong.)

I'm not sure if my absence from taking the medication was an issue but for whatever reason my insurance denied coverage for the prescription even with a prior authorization in place.  Crum...crum...crum.  "Hey insurance company dudes, I know that this rx is over $5,500 for a month's supply for you but that is much cheaper than your share of a month of IV's or a hospital stay.  Come on, think it through people.  It's not like I get my jollies taking this stuff either--it makes me feel yucky--but the fact of the matter is that it works so I put up with it.  I wish you would too."

While I am there, I am also going to have them take a good look at my ribs.  Once I finally got the two ribs on the right side back in place and feeling better a couple of weeks ago, the ribs on the left decided it wasn't fair for the rightys to get all the attention so they began to put up a fuss of their own.  One more trip to the chiropractor later I could lay down and sleep without sharp pains waking me up every time I rolled off my right side.  The treatment helped and the muscle spasms went away but the initial place in front where the rib shenanigans began has not gone away.  I think I'll ask for an xray just to see if nothing is cracked.  Crazy stuff.  I don't know if other cystics get rib pain issues but they are not very fun.  It is kind of funny though that it's in to April and my only "medical expenses" so far this year have been chiros--a weird kind of blessing I guess.

Anyway, hopefully my pfts will be somewhere near baseline and it doesn't hurt too much to do them properly.  If I am going to pay to see the docs, I want to get all the bang for my buck I can get.

Today I finished binding a baby quilt I made.  I'll try to post a picture of it after I get home tomorrow.


  1. Oh I hope you get things straightened out with your insurance co. I hate dealing with mine. Hope you get better with your ribs too and they aren't cracked. That would be a huge bummer. Feel betters.

  2. Hope things went well at the clinic :( You could try some stronger probiotics for the yeast if you can tolerate them. A brand I like because it has so many cells and 32 different strains is the Garden of Life brand Raw probiotics. Here's a link if you want to check them out (they have acidophilus in them too, but so many more kinds on top of that)
    Love you tons!