Sunday, October 10, 2010

A week in the rearview mirror...

Well, it's been a long week for me. I've been glad to be home even if its been a bit exhausting. Still feeling the weakness of the hospital stay combined with the high steroid shakiness makes it hard to function very well. But I've managed to pull off a few highlights despite it all.

We are all still on baby countdown for Mike and MaryAnne's little boy. Since he was due on Sept. 26th, I was reluctant to go into the hospital and miss out on all the excitement. Well, turns out it was a good thing I didn't wait for him to make his appearance, the little slowpoke. The baby shower/brunch went on ahead anyway on Saturday and the baby was there in attendance, albeit in the birth mother's tummy. Chelly decided to come to the shower and it was so fun for everyone to meet her. With the help of Maggie, the three of them opened the gifts together and it made for some very tender moments. It was so cute how excited Maggie was about baby clothes and "Little Guy" Larsen will be stylin'. Word on the street is the doctor will induce on Thursday if things don't get going! Yippee! Carolyn extended her stay here since she hasn't got to "help" with the baby that's been fun too.

We've been working hard on Bob's campaign all week. I've made fliers for our "What About Bob? Tour" which starts tomorrow. We are bringing Bob to the masses! Well, that might be putting it a bit strong but we are trying to put together neighborhood meetings in all our important precincts. Besides planning meetings and website updating, Rheid has been decorating a motor home for the tour with banners, posters, bumper stickers, and general red-white-and-blueness. Hopefully we get a big enough turnout to justify all the work.

One of the best parts of the week was a visit from my cousin, Lynne. We haven't seen each other for at least fifteen years we decided. She lives in Seattle and traveled out to Denver for training classes. Lynne made time in her busy schedule to drive here just to see me and it meant so much. I loved hearing about her little family and just catching up. Family bonds are amazing.

Tomorrow I go to clinic. Hopefully they will agree with me that IV's should be discontinued. I've noticed quite a difference in my breathing the past two days dropping from the IV steroids to oral ones. I am definitely tighter but I want to decrease the dosage anyway just to feel better. Who knows. Christina started a sinus cold on Friday and I've tried to stay away from her as much as possible. Go little suppressed white blood cells, you can do it!

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