Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not as bad as I thought...

Yippee! So far so good with the round-the-clock Vanco. I feel just a little tingly under my skin but definitely not anything like Monday. Also the "pump" the pharmacist described as "as big as a dvd player" turned out to be a slightly over-sized spaceball, one of the greatest drug delivery systems ever invented. Mister pharmacist said I would have a backpack to carry it around in and a nurse would come and teach me how to set it up. I pictured a bulky dvd/vcr player strapped to my back over which would be another backpack when I have to tote my oxygen. Can you say Sherpa??!! What a relief when I saw what it actually was.

Now just keeping my fingers crossed hoping there will be no more body malfunctions. No more Red Neck Woman for me.


  1. Funny pic. I had one of those machines last year and it did make things easier. The nurse didn't have to come as often. But I had a new Port and it was infected and while we were working on the port site the machine would keep beeping until I'd hit the "Quit It!" button, then after a while it would start up again. We got so we'd really laugh over it. Glad you're doing well on "your drugs."

  2. Go Sherri Go!! Remember I'm your biggest cheerleader!