Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sherri and Julia

Just finished watching Julie and Julia tonight with my convalescing husband--loved it! (and him too!) Can I just say I want to be Julie??!! Not in the cook-all-524-recipes-in-365-days way but in the write-a-blog-about-your-passion-and-become-famous-in-the-process way. Now the hard find a passion.

I love family history/genealogy but no one but my living relatives care about my dead ones--not getting famous there. I am passionate about cystic fibrosis but cf 24/7 can be quite the downer--depressed readers aren't happy readers (and depressed writers --well, don't want to go there.) I like to quilt but passion is a bit overstating it. I love to read but don't want to become a book critic blogger. What to do??

I guess, my 12 beloved followers (plus I'm sure the hundreds more blog-stalkers who love living in anonymity) you will have to put up with random ramblings until I decide what I want to be when I grow up. Then you can say you knew me when...

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