Thursday, December 11, 2014

A look back at Fall...

I just took a gander at the past four years of December posts and I noticed two very distinct themes: not feeling good for the holidays and being woefully unprepared for it all. Well, so far this year continues in that grand tradition. Instead of going into the hospital last week however, I opted to try home IV's. I've felt very nauseous and that has definitely brought out the Grinch in me. Along with tummy troubles, my ol' nemesis, anxiety, has reared it's ugly head. It's pretty darn discouraging I must say. But hopefully I can use my cognitive tools and cut this unwelcome holiday visitor's stay short.

The previous two months in pictures:

Maggie and Max were the cutest of our trick-or-treaters. With
warm weather, we were ready for swarms of kids but alas, our
neighborhood is not as young as it used to be and we only got
a handful of treat seekers.

Our roofers came during our few days of sub-zero weather. Of course,
it has been our only snow so far. I felt bad for them working in
the bitter cold. Our hail-damaged roof looks marvelous now.

Our return to warmer weather allowed Josh and Rheid
to trim our front tree. We've babied it along from
fire blight for 3 years and it was now time for
drastic measures.

About half way done and our beautiful tree is
beginning to look rather spooky. A sad but necessary
attempt to save its life.

The 19th of November wasn't Josh's finest day. His Ford Focus
was totaled so he spent Thanksgiving weekend looking
for new wheels. I was so grateful he was safe.

There may have only been three of us but we had a full
spread of Thanksgiving vittles. After eating leftovers for
a week, we were done with turkey and all the trimmings!

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  1. Fun pictures! Except for the car being totaled, no fun there. I hope you get feeling better soon, and that IV's at home are at least more comfy than at the Bed and Breakfast. I hate anxiety, mine's been an unwelcome guest around lately too, it's one tough cookie. Sending you hugs and good vibes, you are an amazing lady!