Saturday, September 6, 2014

My summer getaway...

With the way this little body is behaving itself these days, it has become difficult to schedule any kind of vacation with much success.  So I was thrilled when getting on two oral antibiotics made me feel confident enough to try a short trip to Utah to visit family--my only summer getaway.

In order to keep my So-you-made-a-plan-yeah-right Gremlin from rearing it's nasty head and spoiling my trip, we decided to keep it on the down low until the morning we left town. Letting people know too far in advance that I am coming just gives fate a chance to jinx it all.

We called Rheid's folks Friday morning to let them know that we were coming that night and found out we were going to serendipitous-ly be a part of a Lungs 4 Sherri garage sale that weekend. My sweet in-laws were doing a fundraiser for me! Because of their hard work, they added almost $500 to my transplant fund. I am so grateful for their support.

A bargain hunter's view of the front lawn. Mom Schloss is hanging out in the
garage managing the money and staying out of the heat.
One reason I wanted to make the trip was to finally have a chance to meet my new nephew-in-law. My sweet niece got married almost a year ago and I've managed to flub up every single chance to meet him previously.  Look at what a cute couple they are...I totally approve!

Krista and Logan stop by before they jump back in their 
moving van on their way to new adventures in Logan, Utah.

Now the main reason I wanted to come to Utah was to see this guy, Elder Kevin Weatherford. I managed to miss his missionary farewell so I sure wanted to be a part of his return. His mission was served in the Missouri Independence mission for 18 months and in the India Bangalore mission for the final 6 months. Visa complications kept him stateside for so long, he worried he would never see the land where he was initially called. It was fun to hear about all the challenges he had adjusting to the Indian culture and see the unique souvenirs he brought home.

Elder Weatherford and his excited-to-have-him-home parents.
Beautiful Butcher girls after church.

Noah bravely models the native dhoti-a
cotton wrap that creates a type of pant.
Think Mogli attire here.

Seeing the back of the dhoti
made us all bust out laughing.

Unfortunately my phone camera didn't do
these pictures justice but the moment was
too fun not to share, Love these boys!
Just love my family and am so blessed to be with them, if only for a summer weekend.

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