Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Check it out...

Thought I would share a checklist of happenings since I last checked in on my blog.

1.  Biggest accomplishment--finishing 75 days of IV antibiotics!  Whew, what a marathon but so far it has been worth it. At clinic on 2 June I blew a 31%!!!  Woot woot!!! (Yes, excessive exclamation points are needed here!)  Finished my last one that night and now am only on the oral Cipro.

2.  Best visitors--my parents. They came all the way from Idaho to visit the last week of April. Mom and I worked on genealogy while Dad helped Rheid create a home-made teleprompter.  It's scary what two "engineering-type" minds can come up with.  It turned out amazing.  We sampled local cuisine, watched Josh play some soccer, looked for antique car parts for Dad, cheered on the Avalanche in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and  hung out.  I loved having them just wish the dang wind would have cooperated a bit better--it blew like crazy the entire time they were here.

Lunch at Doug's Diner
3.  First game--the Colorado Rapids. Josh decided to become a season ticket holder this year so he treated us to a night out at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. We squeaked in a night of good weather for early May; it had been cold and rainy that week. Then last Thursday we used our free Rockies tickets. Josh brought along his friend, Mindy, and the four of us got there early enough to grab hamburgers at the new Rooftop patio deck. It was a beautiful night for baseball even though the Rocks got pummeled in the ninth inning. A seventh inning rally, where we witnessed our first in-the-park home run, gave us hope but it was not to be.

4.  Dirtiest deed--my garden.  I planted the garden late this year because of the cold rainy/windy weather. The little plants are popping right up now.  However, we are experiencing a bunny population explosion this spring and I have seen evidence they are finding my plants tasty. Where are the foxes when you need them? I love seeing the bunnies in the yard--just not in my garden!

5.  Worst news--Christina's car accident.  She was hit from behind late at night while out with friends.  Luckily she was fine but her poor car isn't. Haggling with a non-helpful Progressive insurance agent (Help Flo!) and paying her five hundred dollar deductible for the $5,000 worth of damage to her Mazda has made her very frustrated. The other insurance company refuses to be liable--State Farm, that is not very neighborly!

6.  Most anticipated--starting of construction. Finally tractors, graters, and cement trucks have invaded the field where the Fort Collins LDS Temple will be built. I have waited impatiently for two years since the announcement was made for work to begin.  After the groundbreaking in the Fall, I assumed things would start moving along but alas, my hopes were dashed and more waiting was required. It will be fun to watch the progress now.

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