Saturday, January 25, 2014

I've got Bronco fever...

Time on my hands = a new blog look.  A week ago last Friday I started running low grade fevers and they have been basically non-stop ever since.  I went to do my rehab on Tuesday and it was brutal.  I had to slow way down to breathe because my heart rate was so elevated--from the fevers I think.  CF center said to ease up on the exercising and get fluids down me.  So I've been flopping around and drinking water like a sponge.  I was just short of three weeks off IV's when all this began and the previous two weeks I had felt better than I have in quite some time.  I should have knocked on every wooden surface within spitting distance.  People were telling me I looked good and I had the audacity to say I felt good too. Might as well put a bulls-eye on my chest playing fast and loose with the CF Force that way.

Somehow I need to make things work so I can get out to my Duke appointment scheduled for the 10th of February.  They gave me almost 4 months of freedom and I was determined not to go back with newly cleaned-out lungs like I've had the past three times.  I wanted them to see the true me in all my crackly, wheezy glory.  Not sure how it's gonna work.

On a much happier note, our mighty Broncos are Superbowl bound!  I've worn my team t-shirt the past two games and refuse to wash it just in case Peyton and the boys need some of the lucky mojo still clinging to my #18 apparel.  Bronco mania is everywhere.  One can not turn on the news without hearing what Peyton had for breakfast, what the newly-projected weather forecast is for Giant's stadium (it changes daily), what Peyton had for lunch, what the injury status is for key players, what Peyton had for dinner, and on and on it goes.  I am loving every minute of it.  After thinking we were set to win last year and then going out in the first round of the play-offs, we fans believe our team deserves this chance to win it all this year.  GO Broncos!!

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