Thursday, November 21, 2013

And when she went there, her cupboards were...

I am a blessed gal.  My "church family" takes such good care of me.  They watch my struggles and offer what they can to lighten my burdens.  For the past two weeks they have prayed for me specifically to feel stronger physically and that my quality of life could be improved.  It is a humbling experience to be the recipient of such faith and I can testify that their prayers have been heard and I have felt increased strength.   It's hard to describe the difference I feel but it is real and I am truly grateful for their love and concern.

The Beehive girls (12-13 year old young women) asked me on Sunday if they could come over and do some service for me.  They were such sweethearts to offer but I couldn't think of anything I needed right off the top of my head.  Their leader made a couple of suggestions then mentioned washing the fronts of my kitchen cupboards.  Eureka that was it!  My cabinets look terrible because of some rouge varnish-type stuff my dear husband put on them a while back.  The cabinet fronts looked good at first but then some awful chemical reaction must have taken place and it made the finish go all wackadoodle.  So now they have a white dry-looking exterior--not at all what oak cabinets should strive to look like.

So last night the girls and their leaders came over and washed down the fronts of my cupboards and then rubbed them with English Oil.  It's not a hard job but it would have taken me a couple of afternoons and I would have been completely exhausted.  It took the girls less than forty minutes and they had a blast singing and talking while they worked.  Now my cupboards radiate happy shiny vibes instead of looking tired and drained.  So now for Thanksgiving my kitchen will look much better and I will feel gratitude in my heart for these wonderful girls every time I look at my doors.

"And when she went there, her cupboards were far from bare, they were full of love!"

Before the girls worked their magic.

Tate, Sydney and Joanna hard at work.  Aren't they
the cutest girls ever??

Cabinets are starting to shine.

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  1. What sweethearts. Sending good wishes your way.