Sunday, September 22, 2013

And the rain rain rain came down down down...

The sign as you cross from Wyoming into our water-logged state.
A Colorado shout-out to Pooh Corner--make the rain stop already!  The devastation water can create is truly amazing.  There are washed out roads, stranded people, and cut-off communities.  For awhile the fence at the side of our house was even growing moss.  This is not good when you are living in a semi-arid place. Jungle, moss.  Fort Collins, no moss!

Thankfully the worst of it has stopped this week but we are still getting evening showers and afternoon sprinkles from time to time. Volunteers are mobilizing to help shovel out mud and clean up homes and businesses.  I wish I could don a Helping Hands yellow vest and contribute but since I can barely clean my own house and breathe, I wouldn't be much help. However, seeing people come together and serve inspires me.

Over 200 miles of county roads are damaged or destroyed.  This
is part of the highway to Estes Park.  City roads and bridges
are in even worse shape.
Fires from too little moisture last year and now floods from getting a year's worth of rain in a few days this year. It is not often you hear "rain in Biblical proportions" being used to describe the weather, but when the ark fits...
Tractor in a field near Greeley.
A submerged subdivision in Longmont.

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