Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not much labor going on...

I had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Nothing big, but got to hang out with the family.  Christina came down from Colorado Springs so we were all together.

Monday morning Christina and I headed over to Charming Charlie's to do some retail therapy.  She is a baaaad influence on her mother; I ended up buying a fun new purse with a buckle and bling to boot.  Feeling very hip!  She got a fun hat along with a few other things she couldn't live without.

Later, we met up with the boys for lunch at Applebee's.  I ordered a 7 oz sirloin steak (right here may I just add I should be able to count this as a medical meal since the doctors have pummeled me with the need to boost my iron and protein intake--look at me being a good and compliant patient) with garlic mashed potatoes on the side.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Once we rolled out of Applebees, we were off to our nearest bowling alley, Chipper Lanes.  Now I don't know about the rest of you, but I always count it as a good omen if I can actually find a ball that doesn't suction your fingers into the holes, dislocating said digits in the process of throwing it.  Is there a law stating bowling balls weighing less than sixty pounds shall have miniature finger holes--I ask you.  Note to bowling ball driller:  Change it up a bit. Some of us would really appreciate a lighter ball with larger holes.  Thank you for your attention to this important matter.  Drill, baby, drill.  We teamed up--Josh and me against Dad and Christina.  May I say that our team rocked the first game.  But we evidently used up all our bowling mojo and were soundly beaten in game two.

Next, we met up with two friends, Ben & Jerry, at the grocery store and invited them to join us watching Hunger Games.  I'm pretty sure the irony of our movie choice was lost on them, however.  We each selected a different flavor (ones we would never consider buying a gallon of) and headed for home.  There is something about eating right from the carton which makes ice cream taste even more delicious. And eating it was a labor of love!

Are we having fun yet??  This picture makes me laugh hysterically.
What a pair to pick from--my boys.
The other team poses for a victory shot.
Riding in Christina's new car coming back with a new silver
 purse for me and a new hat for her. Doesn't she look cute!
Got our Ben and Jerry's in hand--let the Hunger Games begin.
Made a Fresh Peach pie this weekend--it was dee lish us!

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  1. Yummy food! Looks like a great weekend :) Squeeze them all for us, we love you!