Sunday, May 27, 2012

First the good news...

I graduated from Pulmonary Rehab on Friday!  It is a huge accomplishment to get 23 sessions completed and I was able to do it in record time because I stayed so healthy.  On Tuesday I go to the graduate orientation and see how my rehab changes now that I am a bit more on my own.  I move from the pre-Orange progress sheet to the graduated-but-not-transplanted-yet-Blue sheet on my way to the post-Yellow sheet.

Sporting my diploma with Jo and Danyell (cyster) who graduated with
me on Friday the 25th.  Two other grads are not pictured.  Behind
you can see the pool used for cardiac and arthritis patients.  We are
standing in the check-in area which is also where we stop to pant rest.

Duke Center For Living gym on a late Friday afternoon.  In the
foreground you can see part of the track we walk around on.  The
machines directly in front are the bikes.  The green area is where we
do the floor class and back by the far windows are the weight machines.
It's not too busy cuz most of us are finished for the day.

It's been a tough week, not gonna lie.  Between losing a friend, having the esophageal manometry repeated and still waiting for those results, taking 3 days, 3 attempts, and 2 prep kits to get my virtual colonoscopy accomplished (long story but I will spare you dear bloggie readers the gruesome but ultimately successful details), and starting a course of home IV's (with a new agency and nurse--you know how I love some of those home health workers), I feel anxious and drained.  Hoping this memorial day weekend/break will get me back on even footing again.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Sherri. Love you and love hearing about your journey. You are an inspiration!