Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things are different, just saying...

Random observations since the move:

I can throw away recyclables with reckless abandon!  No more traipsing to the recycle container to throw away the smallest scrap of cardboard so I don't single-handedly ruin the planet.  "Well, Sherri, if you had only recycled that Orbit gum package, you could have saved us all from total annihilation!"  Someone else can take that pressure for awhile, thank you.

Dish Network is infinitely superior to Time/Warner cable.  Who knew a DVR and a "favorites" list of channels could bring so much peace and contentment into your life.  Unsightly satellite dish attached to my house, I will never take you for granted again.

There is a distinct learning curve when using a new stove and unfamiliar pots and pans.  Thin cookware + multi-tasking = burnt offerings.

I can no longer use trash day to set my internal clock.

There is no such thing as north, south, east, or west when you live in a forest.  It sure would be helpful if one  could hover above it all for a bit to get a sense of where everything is in relation to each other.  Where's a good ol' mountain when you could really use one?

Colorado experiences a freakish amount of sunshine--mind sharing a bit with the rest of the us??  Well, at least until I get back.

When you get the feeling that you are missing something, you probably are.  Nothing like blowing off your first mandatory meeting with the transplant group to make a good first impression.  Just too many things to remember.

A GPS doesn't necessarily choose the easiest way to a destination.  But even though Glenda, our GPS tour guide, takes me on less-than-stellar routes, I'd be lost without her!

Dish rags don't automatically dry overnight.

A non-smoking apartment only means that no one was allowed to smoke in it recently.  Essential oils, Febreeze, and open windows can help but nothing eliminates "stale."

Now when I see a  "Box Tops for Education" coupon on my food container, I don't have to cut it out or feel guilty for wishing I could pretend not to see it.



  1. Thanks for my giggles for the day! I love the way you write and also enjoy your positive outlook on things, even when they don't go as planned.

  2. You moved to Durham??? I am infinitely jealous. That is where I grew up, and where my parents are currently in the process of moving away from. It's breaking my heart! Enjoy the beautiful city, and say hi to Bill Taub (Duke social worker) for me. HE IS THE BEST!

    Also, would you like me to add your blog to the CF Blogroll? ( It would be a great addition! :)

    1. Cindy,Yes, I'm hanging out in Durham now. It truly is a beautiful area. We are living off of Mt. Moriah Rd. if you know where that is. We belong to the Chapel Hill 1st Ward and are starting to get to know a few people now at least. I would love to have you add my blog to the CF Blogroll. We all need to strengthen each other to get through this disease. Hope you are feeling more settled in Utah--moving is so hard.

    2. Yep, I know just where that is! My family just barely left NC for Oregon, or else you might bump into them at stake activities.

  3. I am working on shipping over some of our sunshine, Sherri. Let me know if it works. :-) Thanks for making me laugh. I will work on recycling even my gum wrappers. :-) Have a great weekend -- it is sunny and blue here! Going to plant at least part of our garden.